Latest NS3 Projects

1  AA-Dedupe: An Application-Aware Source Deduplication Approach for Cloud Backup Services in the Personal Computing Environment [ns3 projects]
2  Secure Web Referral Services for Mobile Cloud Computing[ns3 projects]
3  Methodology and framework for the development of scientific applications with high-performance computing through web services[ns3 projects]
4  Real time services for future cloud computing enabled vehicle networks [ns3 projects]
5  Research about Spam Page Identification Based on Cloud Computing in Search Service[ns3 projects]
6  An enhanced virtual object management scheme for personalized ubiquitous computing services at peer-to-peer [ns3 projects]
7  Cloud Computing: The Issue of Service Quality: An Overview of Cloud Service Level Management Architectures [ns3 projects]
8  Service Oriented Architecture for job submission and management on grid computing resources [ns3 projects]
9  Cloud computing applied to the development of global hybrid services and applications for interactive TV [ns3 projects]
10  Integrating Internet of Things and Cloud Computing for Health Services Provisioning: The Virtual Cloud Carer Project [ns3 projects]