2014 NS3 Projects

1  An Architecture for a Next-Generation Internet Based on Web Services and Utility Computing[ns3 projects]
2  An enhanced virtual object management scheme for personalized ubiquitous computing services at peer-to-peer [ns3 projects]
3  Real time services for future cloud computing enabled vehicle networks [ns3 projects]
4  Resource allocation in OFDMA networks with femto and macro-cells coexistence using Fractional Frequency Reuse (FFR)[ns3 projects]
5  Multi-flow transmission scheme in millimeter-wave mobile network with massive antenna structure[ns3 projects]
6  Fairness based dynamic channel allocation in wireless mesh networks[ns3 projects]
7  Decentralized resource sharing platform exploiting in-network guidance information[ns3 Projects]
8  Securing cognitive radio networks against belief manipulation attacks via trust management[ns3 projects]
9  Detecting collusive cheating in online shopping systems through characteristics of social networks[ns3 projects]
10  Access Control Mechanism for Multi-user Data Sharing in Social Networks[ns3 projects]